Vacuum Infusion Process


AIT chooses Vacuum Infusion Process to produce all of its carbon fiber products. There are many benefits of using vacuum infusion rather than traditional hand-laid method. Resin INfusion is a process by which vacuum draws resin into a dry fibre laminate in a one sided mould.

Major Benefits of Vacuum Infusion:

Beware of other companies claim to vacuum their carbon fiber product and cannot produce any proofs.

Below are images taken from our factory showing most important steps of vacuum infusion process:

1. Carbon Fiber layed into the mould. 2. Second layer
3. Honeycomb mat to be sandwiched between layers . 4. Fourth and last layer is put down.
5. Plastic bag over the mould 6. Vacuum is applied.
7. Dark section is flow of resin. 8. Flow of resin completed.



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